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February 9, 2017

3 Practices to Save Your Internal Communication

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One of the key components in creating a harmonious, enjoyable and successful dental practice is good internal communication.  In fact, one of the most common employee complaints is poor communication.  If poor internal communication exists, there are errors made, things can fall through the cracks, doctor frustration increases and the dental office can suffer high turnover rates.  

Upgrade internal communication in your dental practice with these 3 tips.

Boost Internal Communication with OperaDDS

How cool would it be to communicate freely with your entire team - staff, associates, specialists, technicians, patients - at any time, from anywhere, on any device? How much time would you save if you quit playing phone tag? If you quit yelling down the hall? If you knew you had all the information you needed before you entered an op? If you had smooth communication? With OperaDDS, all of these things can become a reality.

With OperaDDS you can become 30% more productive through better communication with staff and patients.  If you’re searching for more effective ways to communicate in your dental office, OperaDDS is the way to go.  Here’s how:

  • PAGER:  With this instant office messaging, you can keep your dental teams motivated and in sync.  Communicate with your staff by simple one-touch paging and messages to devices you already have.  Use custom checklist messages to receive all the information you need to know before entering the operatory.
  • CHORUS:  Secure collaboration with all of your labs and partners.  HIPAA-compliance has never been easier (or more affordable) than with CHORUS. Send an unlimited number of cases and emails of unlimited size securely, with notifications to your colleagues’ existing email address.

OperaDDS was founded by an ordinary dentist to solve extraordinary problems and help move the entire dental industry into the 21st century by creating a new category: Intra-Office Communication. We think practicing dentistry should be fun. We think we should save trees. We think managing more efficient and direct communication makes life better for everyone.


Create a Supportive Atmosphere

Invite and encourage your dental team to speak their minds.  By inviting feedback and responding to it in an effective manner, you can break down the internal communication barrier.  Every person on the team has a unique point of view.  The easier it becomes for them to express it, the more you and your practice will benefit. Set an example and encourage the team to participate actively in daily dialogue.  

Tension?  Intervene Immediately

If any conflict arises, mediate right away.  Any business team will experience some level of friction at some point.  Help the parties come up with a solution and then monitor the situation without taking sides until the issue is resolved.  

Utilize these internal communication practices to benefit you, your leadership, your effectiveness and your success—for yourself and your dental practice.  


Is your practice's communication slowing you down? Download our Checklist to learn how to build powerful internal communication.