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July 21, 2016

3 Tips for Effective Dentist Patient Communication


The definition of communication is, “the exchange of ideas, messages or information.” Understanding how to effectively exchange this information can make or break your practice.

Dental patient care is based on communication and to succeed as a practice, it is important to always be learning and implementing new ways to be more effective with your dentist patient communication.  Without proper communication, the dental patient may not understand what it is we need them to understand, and there may be inevitable bumps in the treatment process, errors within the office and failure to accept elective or necessary treatment.  

The University of California conducted a study on dentist patient communication and found that one of the biggest factors of assuring a successful dental practice is the dentist’s ability to communicate effectively and clearly.  

Avoid all of these negatives by stepping up your dentist patient communication game today with these 3 tips.

Utilize technology

Technology can be used to improve communication with dental patients, sometimes in the simplest of ways.  For the most efficient and productive dental office, you need concise communication between patients and your team members.  Try utilizing revolutionary technology like OperaDDS to communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues.  This will help you to save time and allow more time with patients. With OperaDDS’ simple implementation, you can be up and running same day!  

Clear communication increases profitability for your dental practice. Discover how OperaDDS can help you communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues for the ultimate patient experience.  

Avoid jargon

Remember that dental patients are not dental professionals.  To ensure effective dentist patient communication, avoid technical jargon and speak as plainly as possible to avoid putting off or confusing the patient. To effectively empower dental patients, clear communication is necessary to ensure patients have realistic expectations and understand their treatment options. Speaking their language can significantly improve case acceptance rates and increase your practice’s revenue.

Communicate the unknown and uncertainty

The vast majority of your patients are nervous and uncomfortable going to the dentist despite all efforts to make it the best experience possible.   It’s easy to fall into the zone of moving through each motion in the appointment without explaining each step to the patient, what will happen next and what they need to do on their end.  Always remember to communicate each step to the patient thoroughly and explain everything in detail as everything may sound like a foreign language to them.  Be empathetic and try to put yourself in the shoes of your patients.  This will give you a better understanding of addressing their concerns.  

Set yourself up for success by taking the time to understand and utilize these dentist patient communication tips.  

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