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November 3, 2016

4 Crazy Strategies on How to Improve Teamwork

how_to_improve_teamwork.jpgThere are opportunities in your dental office every single day to work on improving teamwork.  From your morning huddle to closing out at the end of the day, almost everyone is engaging in teamwork at some point during the day.  Teamwork is defined as people working together towards a common goal or goals. Always striving to figure out how to improve teamwork is crucial to the overall health of any dental practice.  Teamwork creates a professional environment that can be fun which ultimate results in exceptional patient care.  So how is this accomplished?  

Let’s break down 4 of the most common ways on how to improve teamwork in your dental office.

Hire smart.

One person can do some serious damage to the entire team.  Hire individuals who complement each other and can work well together.    

Decide what’s important to your dental office & then talk about it.  

Determine what is most important in your office.  It could be providing stellar service to your patients.  Or being extremely profitable.  Whatever it may be, talk about it with your team.  A lot.  Talk about it in your weekly meetings and morning huddles.

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Promote lifelong learning.

Wondering how to improve teamwork?  Promote the idea of constantly learning in your office.  Encourage everyone to take continuing education classes and share what they learn and how it could benefit the practice.  By continually learning and growing, dental team members increase their value.

Celebrate success.  

Set goals as a team.  Once those goals are reached, it’s important to celebrate the team’s success.  It could be a lunch, time off or a gift card.  You will see an improvement in teamwork when you recognize that each member of the team contributes based on his or her duties and skills.  

Use these tips on how to improve teamwork in your dental practice for success on every level!


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