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July 28, 2016

4 Dental Barriers to Communication in Healthcare


A barrier is an obstacle—something that impedes progress or achievement.  Barriers to communication in healthcare can keep your dental practice from being productive or from achieving goals you have set.  We’ve all had our moments where ineffective communication has put ourselves or our team members in a bind.  But the best leaders in dental healthcare are the ones who take great care with their communication.  

Make sure you do not succumb to these barriers but blast through them instead. Here are some common barriers to communication in healthcare and how your practice can avoid them at all costs.  

You Don’t Leave Enough Room in the Schedule

Your new dental patients are the bread and butter of any dental practice.  Be sure to carve out enough time for them in your schedule.  Carefully look at your new patient activity in the past few months and reserve proper time in your schedule to handle any immediate demand.  

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Poor Dental Patient Follow Up

Not following up with your patients can break trust and hinder building solid relationships which is vital to the growth of your practice. OperaDDS’ Recare feature is a simple and effective patient communication system for both the patient and staff of your practice.  Learn more about Recare here!  

Using One-Size-Fits-All Communication

Everyone is unique and has their own personal style of communicating.  While you may be able to communicate one way to some patients, others may need a different style and more explaining to fully understand.  Also, each patient has different expectations and needs.  Always take into consideration each patient’s learning styles when you are communicating treatment plans or walking them through a routine cleaning.  

Poor Communication Across Specialties

Poor communication with labs and billing can lead to you down a path to disaster. Stay HIPAA compliant and communicate easily and securely with CHORUS.  With CHORUS you can check in with your labs, fill out a script and track a patient’s progress with a single touch or click.  All of your files are secure and accessible from anywhere by you and your team.  

Avoid these common barriers to communication in healthcare to benefit you, your leadership, your effectiveness and your success—for yourself and your dental practice.  

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