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March 30, 2017

5 Famous Dentists That Rocked the Dental Industry

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famous dentists.jpgWho says dentistry isn’t exciting or interesting?  Dentists all across the world have conquered some seriously significant milestones.  

There are many famous dentists over the years who you may not have even known were dentists.  From famous gunslingers, to Hollywood stars and prominent athletes  - these household names also bettered people’s dental health.  Do you know these famous dentists?    

We’ve rounded up 5 famous dentists that may surprise you.

John Henry “Doc” Holliday

Though most famous for his gun fight at the O.K Corral alongside his buddy, Wyatt Earp,  "Doc" also had a day job as a dentist. He was trained in Pennsylvania and later opened a thriving practice near Atlanta. Sadly, Holliday came down with a case of tuberculosis and had to close his practice. He then packed his stuff and moved west, and we all know how the rest of the story goes.

Zane Grey

If you’re a fan of Western novels, then you’re no stranger to the name Zane Grey. Before writing over 80 books, Pearl Zane Grey was a practicing dentist in New York. Unfortunately, his love for dentistry decayed and he quickly abandoned the field when he became a published author. The former dentist went on to be one of history’s first millionaire authors.

Paul Revere

The most famous dentist to come out of the American Revolution, Paul Revere was a man of many hats. He, of course, is known throughout history books for warning the colonies of the impending attack from British troops, but when he wasn't involved in the fight he had a few different jobs. He was a silversmith, and also advertised his services as a dentist. More specifically, he specialized in making false teeth for his patients.

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Thomas Welch

While it may seem ironic that the creator of a company specializing in sugar-laden fruit juices was also a dentist, that’s exactly what happened with Thomas Welch. The founder of Welch’s was a dentist before he retired and gained some notoriety for inventing a pasteurization process for grape juice that kept it from fermenting. Welch’s intention was to create a non-alcoholic wine that could be used at the sacrament in churches.

Mark Spitz

Known around the world as a champion swimmer, Spitz was actually accepted into dentistry school before he became an Olympic gold medalist. While he ultimately decided not to attend school, it's safe to say he made the right choice - he now has seven gold medals.

We wanted to explore the depths of dentistry’s fascinating history:  from odd practices to downright frightening techniques, here we delve into the jaw dropping facts that the history of dentistry has to offer.


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