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October 26, 2017

Benefits of Digital Forms for Your Dental Practice

For many dental practices, the shuffling of paperwork between patients and front office staff is a constant (yet important) step in the process. Patients fill out forms. These forms are received by your staff and then scanned into and/or manually inputted into computers. With all of the advancement in technology in modern dental practices, why are forms still being filled out with paper and ink on the spot? There has to be a more efficient way to pass secure information back and forth.

Digital Forms

New technology shouldn't be limited to the operatory. With digital forms, front office staff save time and money while increasing efficiency and workflow. Plus, patients love being able to sign forms from any device.

OperaDDS Digital Forms

Save Time & Money

While your front office staff is busy carrying out their day-to-day operations, they’ll receive traditional paper forms from patients and staff throughout the day. As the day progresses, this stack continues to grow.

At the end of a long day interacting with patients, your staff is spending extra time scanning documents into the system and shredding the paper trail. This responsibility tends to add extra work hours, which costs the practice time and resources (including printing supplies such as toner and paper).

With digital forms, front office staff doesn't have to take extra steps to scan and shred documents as the paperwork is securely uploaded into your system in real time. 

Increase Efficiency

By delivering digital forms to your patients before their appointments, they have time to fill them out and simply submit them electronically. This eliminates the need to arrive early to fill out paperwork, which patients certainly appreciate.

You’re not only saving time and money while increasing efficiency within your practice, you’re also working smarter, not harder, to give your practice a leg up when it comes to communication. Utilizing digital forms can increase productivity and efficiency throughout your practice.

Digital forms aren’t the only way to streamline your practice, our eBook, Work Smarter, Not Harder, includes a collection of ways that your can walk into every appointment prepared, knowing that your practice is running as smooth as possible.

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