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July 21, 2016

Improving Patient Experience to WOW Your Dental Patients


If a patient leaves your dental office feeling uncomfortable, frustrated, annoyed or dissatisfied with their experience, they more than likely won’t be coming back.  That is the very last thing anyone at your office wants to happen at the end of an appointment.  The goal instead is for your dental patients to walk out of your doors saying “WOW!” and ready to sing your praises to friends and family.   You always want to be seeking ways to elevate patient expectations and work on constantly enhancing the patient experience.  

Use these tips to help transform and work on improving patient experience for exceptional dental patient care at your practice.  

You had me at “hello”.  

It’s the very first minute of any patient encounter that is critical to improving patient experience.  It all starts with the greeting.  The greeting will set the tone for their entire time spent at your office.  Ensure your front office team knows to maintain good eye contact, introduce themselves, extend a handshake, use the patient’s name whenever possible and speak on the same level as the patient.  Also, keep tabs on your voice—its volume, speed, tone and inflection.  Be sure that the team members sitting at the front desk gives a killer first impression of your entire dental office.  Your patients should instantaneously feel welcomed and comfortable the moment they step in the door.  

Embrace new technology.  

Don’t shy away from utilizing new technology in your practice.  Innovative use of new technologies may help reduce production costs, decrease chair time and make your patients feel like they’re involved with a practice that is top-notch and current.  Put your patients first by using technology like OperaDDS to enable crystal clear communication with patients, staff and colleagues.  

Clear communication increases profitability for your dental practice.  Discover how OperaDDS can help you communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues for the ultimate patient experience.  

Listen up.  

Want your patients to feel like stars?  It’s simple: listen.  Genuinely, truly listen to them.  We all know how annoying it is to talk to someone who seems disinterested or distracted.  Active listening is key.  Here’s how to make sure you are listening actively:

  • Listen intently without interruption
  • Paraphrase what they patient has said to demonstrate that you have understood and not just listened
  • Observe the patient’s non-verbal body language

It’s time to put your patients first by creating the very best dental patient experience.  Improving patient experience in your dental office will lead to not only a profitable practice, but one that is fun, respectful and professional.  


It’s time to take your dental team to the next level for ultimate dental practice success.  Request your demo with Martin here!  In just 10 minutes, Martin will walk you through how OperaDDS can help your dental team improve the patient experience.