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September 29, 2016

Dentist Tips for Effective Dentist Patient Communication


When you are communicating with your dental patients, do you see their eyes glaze over or a perpetual look of confusion stuck on their faces? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day and the hectic schedule that a dental office can bring that we forget to deal with patients as humans. To show the personal side instead of the clinical stuff.  Let’s jump into our dentist tips for leaving the dentist jargon at the door and communicating with your patients as humans—not another number.  

3 Dentist Tips to Communicate Like a Pro

Skip the jargon.

Remember that dental patients are not dental professionals.  To ensure effective dentist patient communication, avoid technical jargon and speak as plainly as possible to avoid putting off or confusing the patient. To effectively empower dental patients, clear communication is necessary to ensure patients have realistic expectations and understand their treatment options. Speaking their language can significantly improve case acceptance rates and increase your practice’s revenue.  

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Move past the awkward.  

However awkward it may get, you must speak to the dental patient while you are treating them.  Nothing can be more awkward then a long silence while they have a tool and your finger in their mouth.  

Put the patient at ease.  

One of the best dentist tips for dentist and patient communication is to make them feel comfortable—always.  One goal should be to always use clear communication that puts the patient at ease.  Jargon can be perceived as a vehicle of both inclusion and exclusion.  Jargon feels inclusive to those in the same industry or with similar experience, but exclusive to everyone else.  When you use jargon to discuss something as important and intimate as a patient’s health, it can evoke confusion and fear.  This is why it’s important for dentists to make a strong effort to avoid jargon when talking with patients to ensure they feel at ease and are comfortable.  

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