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October 12, 2017

Enhancing The Patient Experience Through Technology

When it comes to your dental practice, your patients are the heart and soul of the operation. While a warm, welcoming office and a great staff are keys to success, communication is instrumental. By identifying technology that can deliver more positive touch points before, during, and after treatment, you’ll be providing a personal, positive influence to all patients.

Wireless connection technologiesNew Patients

When a patient is in search of a new dental practice, chances are they’re online doing their research. When a potential patient lands on your website, what are they seeing? Are you leveraging this opportunity to interact with them?

By implementing a secure chat feature, you can interact with potential patients and establish a first point of contact. When chatting with them online, you’re able to immediately address questions or concerns that may not be covered on your site. This chat conversation makes your practice stand out among others that a patient may be researching.


Some dental patients may only be visiting you twice a year, but keeping those appointments on the books is imperative. Technology can help you step away from the traditional mailed postcard or reminder card handed to them at their previous appointment. Although this process seems to be the norm at most practices, it’s time to step away and upgrade your patient recall system.

By implementing a communication platform with automated reminders, patients are allowed to choose how they want to be notified. Some patients may still select the traditional postcard, but with new technology, patients can receive an email or text message reminder that can be personalized to ensure that their appointment is being kept.

During an Appointment

When a patient is in the exam chair, and a hygienist has performed their initial cleaning, they can utilize technology to inform the doctor:

  • What has been discussed with the patient
  • Complaints the patient may have
  • What additional work, if any, will need to be done

All of this communication happens before the doctor even enters the room. By knowing this all beforehand, the doctor can have an efficient conversation with the patient, verifying what the hygienist has suggested as a treatment plan and answer any additional questions the patient may have.

If the treatment plan requires same-day dentistry, technology can remove the level of stress for a patient when they need to make a decision. After a doctor confirms they hygienists’ prognosis, internal communication can then be sent to the front desk to pull the patient's insurance so they can gather the necessary information about the new procedure.

While this is happening, an assistant can also be setting up an open operatory, allowing for quick treatment. Not only does technology make this communication possible, it also streamlines the process giving a patient pertinent information. Knowing a dental team is all on the same page improves patient willingness to accept treatment.


By implementing an up-to-date tracking system, patient treatment plans and progress documentation are all kept in one secure place, making sure that no patient falls through the cracks. By doing so, you’re ensuring your patient is getting the proper treatment in a timely manner and their problems are not getting neglected. Technology allows for appropriate follow-ups to take place creating a personal feeling for all patients.

Improved Technology Leads to Happier Patients

By leveraging a dental communication platform, you are able to not only streamline internal communication, but also enhance the patient experience. By having multiple touch points with patients during before, during, and after their visit, you’re adding an element of personalization and human interaction that resonates with patients.

While you may be using dedicated systems that do these processes individually, chances are you’re still working in a fragmented environment. While one system handles patient recall and another handles online forms, there’s a chance information is falling through the cracks. Rather than working in multiple systems that do not interact with each other, opt for an all-in-one platform. OperaDDS is robust, allowing you to take care of all dental communication needs in one place.

The technology you’re looking to use not only enhances the patient experience, but streamlines communication throughout your practice.

Choosing the right dental communication platform for your practice is essential for your success. While this seems like a long process with many decisions, we’ve taken the hassle out of this choice. Take a look at Evaluating Dental Communication Platforms: The Ultimate Guide to make the best choice for your practice.

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