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January 11, 2017

Faster, Better, Different Ways to Communicate in the Dental Office

different ways to communicateDentistry is part science, part art but all about people. The people part of the equation is easily neglected and can take professionals years in practice to realize the importance. But if there is one thing dentists and their team members need to really improve upon, it’s communication skills.  Communication plays a vital role in breaking down barriers between the patient and dental health professional. Finding different ways to communicate that are equally beneficial  will also help to strengthen the treatment alliance.  

Finding other ways to communicate play a key role  to your dental practice’s success.  Whether it’s your everyday conversations, or using software internally, dental offices are constantly judged by how effectively they communicate with patients.

Different Ways to Communicate Effectively

Nonverbal communication.

A substantial portion of our communication is nonverbal.  Every single day we respond to thousands—yes thousands—of nonverbal cues including a handshake, eye gaze, gestures and tone of voice, to name a few. One of the best solutions to finding different ways to communicate with your patient is to understand their non-verbal communication.  Take into consideration all of their non-verbal cues from hello to goodbye.  Watch their posture, eye contact and tone of voice for cues.  

Listen up.  

Probably one of the most important of all communication skills are listening skills. Listening well isn’t easy and rarely comes naturally.   It’s an active experiencing, being a good listener, that involves your conscious effort.  Achieve seriously effective listening skills by using  these techniques:

  • Show empathy and always acknowledge your patient's’ feelings and concerns
  • Never interrupt while the patient is talking
  • Repeat key words and ideas or paraphrase what the patient says to clarify


Boost Your Productivity & Communication Skills with OperaDDS.

With OperaDDS you can become 30% more productive through better communication with staff and patients.  If you’re searching for different ways to communicate in your dental office, OperaDDS is the way to go.  Here’s how:
  • PAGER:  With this instant office messaging, you can keep your dental teams motivated and in sync.  Communicate with your staff by simple one-touch paging and messages to devices you already have.  Use custom checklist messages to receive all the information you want to know before entering the operatory.
  • CHORUS:  Secure collaboration with all of your labs and partners.  HIPAA-compliance has never been easier (or more affordable) than with CHORUS. Send cases and emails of unlimited size and number securely, with notifications to your colleagues’ existing email address.

It's time to step up your communication game.  Now you can communicate like the pros.  

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