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October 2, 2017

Here’s What Can Increase Productivity in a Dental Office

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We’ve talked to many dental offices and see lots of systems and office flows that don’t make a whole lot of sense for their productivity.

Take a moment to review all of the systems you currently have in place. Are they necessary? Do they increase productivity in your dental office? Do they produce the intended results?

Discovering what can increase productivity in a dental office can be as simple as breaking down a better or more efficient way to do things. It’s easy for everyone in a business to become a creature of habit. Dental office team members fall into a rut of doing things just because “that’s how it’s always been done.”

Don’t let poor productivity – or lack thereof – stop your dental office in its tracks. Some of the most common productivity killers are:

  • Team members aren’t clear on target production goals and/or their role in achieving and exceeding those targets.
  • Lack of effective systems. Without the right systems in place, people may invent their own ways of doing things which may either be incorrect or inefficient.
  • Performance management systems

To jumpstart your success and skyrocket productivity, try stepping into an outside perspective. You’ll be able to recognize some areas that could use some changes or improvement.

What can increase productivity in a dental office? Here’s what we recommend.

The number one secret for increasing your dental office’s productivity bottom line? Using innovative software like that available through OperaDDS.

Your productivity will go through the roof when you are able to maximize the benefits of technology that works best for you. OperaDDS is a super-efficient, and a productive dental office requires clear and concise communication between team members.

Use revolutionary technology like OperaDDS to communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues. This will help you to save time and allow more time with patients. OperaDDS can increase your production more than 30% through smooth office messaging and communication. Watch the video to learn more here!

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Monitor these key things to keep your dental office productive, strong, thriving and growing:

  • Always be aware of dental patient activity. Stay on top of their accounts and never let patients fall through the cracks.
  • Ensure that every team member gives superior customer service.
  • Know what each team member’s responsibilities in your office are and that they are meeting production goals.

By asking yourself what can increase productivity in a dental office, you can start tackling any problems holding your office back.

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