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December 8, 2016

How OperaDDS Can Revolutionize Your Dental Practice Communication


operaddsDid you know that with OperaDDS you can become 30% more productive through better communication with staff and patients?  It’s true!  OperaDDS will get your practice singing in perfect harmony, easing communication flow between clinician and technician.  

Simple and secure communication with patients, staff and colleagues means:

  • Higher quality dentistry
  • More production
  • Increased case acceptance
  • Less stress

OperaDDS is easy to use on all of your devices including  tablets, smartphones, computers and smartwatches.  You have the ability to complete information in full compliance, wherever you are, instantly.  

Simplify Your Pratice, Simplify Your Life

With OperaDDS, tasks that used to take hours – such as faxing, copying, phone tag, lost files, and filling out slips of paper– are reduced to a joyously simple, easy-to-use, click here, touch there operation. All practice communications are organized forever, easy to find, and right at your fingertips.

Tired of expensive and outdated lightboxes and ineffective and annoying headsets (note – yelling down the hall was never even considered an option), Dr. Laskin created a cloud-based communication software which could be used from devices he already had in his practice. Once OperaDDS was born, his office production increased 37%; an increase he credits to his patented customizable checklist messaging, one-touch paging, and his bonus system.

It’s time to take your dental team to the next level for ultimate dental practice success.  Request your demo with Martin here!  In just 10 minutes, Martin will walk you through how OperaDDS can improve communication in your dental office.   

“OperaDDS is the total communication dashboard for a dental practice. From single touch paging to HIPAA compliant emails to collaborative communication between the dentist, labs and specialists. OperaDDS is meant to replace and refine all the disjointed options currently available in the marketplace. It pulls together all the individual technologies and innovations into one secure, simple and easy format. It works on all the technology you currently have as a web application, and has a stand alone Apple App. The stand-alone Android app is coming soon.”

Dr. Bryan Laskin, DDS
President, CEO, Resident Techy

Dr. Laskin, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, founded Lake Minnetonka Dental in 2001. Dr. Laskin recognized the improvements internal communication had on Lake Minnetonka Dental’s quality of care and increased production could be applied to any dental practices external communication with his patients, referring docs and labs.  Since then, his passion for technology and innovation has enabled him to grow his highly successful dental practice in Minnesota from one dentist to now having five practicing dentists.  Needing a more effective, cost-effective way to communicate with his staff, Dr. Bryan Laskin created OperaDDS.  To tackle the problems that dental practices face every day, OperaDDS was born and continues to evolve.

Offering HIPAA-compliant email and case collaboration, simple patient recall and an intra-office messaging which delivers the information you actually need, OperaDDS has proven to be the most progressive and most compliant communication software, while remaining the most intuitive and most affordable.

OperaDDS has become dentistry’s complete communication solution, and its simplicity and affordability have lead to an explosive community of securely communicating professionals.

Download our checklist to skyrocket practice success!   Effective communication is a critical component to running a successful dental practice. Is your practice's communication slowing you down? Download our Checklistto learn how to build powerful communication.