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August 25, 2016

How to Increase Productivity in the Dental Office


Your dental office may be busy with a patient schedule that’s full to the brim, but how do you know if you’re just busy, and not necessarily productive?    

Running a successful dental office requires lots of hard work.  It’s important to find and establish effective ways to help increase productivity, efficiency, improve processes and increase profit margins.  

Ready to ramp up growth to boost your bottom line?  Here are 3 strategies on how to increase productivity in your dental office.  

Reinvent the dental patient experience.  

If you consistently ensure that you are providing the optimal patient experience, you hold the key to increasing your productivity and to running a successful dental practice.  It’s important to train your dental team to communicate in a friendly and professional way in person and over the phone.  More often than not, the first interaction is between a dental patient and the front office—typically over the telephone.  

Lower the wasted time in the waiting room.  

When patients wait for prolonged periods of time in your waiting room it can negatively impact your productivity and your practice overall.  Train your dental team to be well-equipped to effectively handle all basic functions in the office.  Some of these responsibilities to help reduce patient wait time might include:

  • Understanding how long each dental procedure takes and other important timelines for scheduling purposes
  • Delegating and ensuring that everyone on your team understands their roles within the dental practice
  • Having a hygienist readily available to make the patient’s oral assessment

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Keep up with the latest technology.  

 When you are scratching your head wondering how to increase productivity in the dental office, clear and concise communication between patients and team members is one of the best strategies out there.  With clear and uninterrupted communication between staff members, you will save your team time and allow more time with patients.  Try utilizing revolutionary technology like OperaDDS to communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues. With OperaDDS’ simple implementation, you can be up and running within the same day! Clear communication increases profitability for your dental practice.  Discover how OperaDDS can help you communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues for the ultimate patient experience.  

Wondering how to increase productivity at your dental office?  Follow our strategies to get your office functioning like a well-oiled machine.

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  • Increase case acceptance
  • Improve office flow
  • Keep your office HIPAA-compliant

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