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September 22, 2016

Ideal Dental Solutions to Eliminate Chaos


One of the easiest and lightening quick ways to create chaos in a dental office is for the daily appointment schedule to be derailed.  Chaos in the dental office can come in many forms:  in the form of an overcrowded or empty waiting room, when there are no set concrete goals and if no one is responsible for managing dental patient scheduling. Get back on track with our ideal dental solutions to eliminate the chaos and maintain a smooth and productive dental appointment scheduling process.  

3 Ideal Dental Solutions to Eliminate Chaos


With OperaDDS you will become 30% more productive through better communication with your staff and patients.  OperaDDS is a HIPAA compliant solution for communicating simply and securely with your staff, patients, and colleagues. OperaDDS is a suite of features including PAGER, RECARE and CHORUS.

Here’s how.


Build strong relationships with your patients and stay in touch with easy.  Keep in touch with your patients through automated and custom communications the way they want it. Two-way text messaging, emails and postcards keep patients engaged and schedules full.


Instant office messaging keeps dental teams in sync and motivated.  Communicate with your staff by simple one-touch paging and messages to devices you already have. Use custom checklist messages to receive all the information you want to know before entering the operatory.


Secure collaboration with all of your labs and partners. HIPAA-compliance has never been easier (or more affordable) than with CHORUS. Send cases and emails of unlimited size and number securely, with notifications to your colleagues’ existing email address.

Make your dental team stand out by working smarter, not harder! Download your free eBook now to reduce stress and increase profitability and productivity for the best dental team yet!

Don’t Overbook

An overbooked schedule could cause the hygienist to cut corners and quality of care in an effort to stay on time.  Having an underbooked schedule could result in low profit margins for the dental practice.  Patient appointment times should reflect the appropriate amount of time necessary to deliver high-quality care while being productive and efficient.  

Don’t Let Downtime Destroy Profitability

Too much downtime can completely destroy profitability.  Be sure to keep downtime to a minimum.  Always track any unscheduled chunks of time every month to determine the true downtime cost and how you can improve.

These 3 ideal dental solutions are quick and easy and will help promote a controlled dental office environment and eliminate chaotic waiting rooms.   

It’s time to take your dental team to the next level for ultimate dental practice success.  Request your demo with Martin here!  In just 10 minutes, Martin will walk you through how OperaDDS can improve communication in your dental office.   

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