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June 9, 2016

Improving Teamwork in Healthcare for Dental Office Success


Teamwork in healthcare and team harmony are essential to a dental practice’s success. At the most basic level, teamwork is defined as people working together toward a common goal.  Whether you are preparing patients, meeting for a morning huddle or closing out the end of the day, almost everyone engages in some form of teamwork during the day.   Every single dental team member directly affects the success of the practice through his or her actions. Focusing on building positive teamwork in your dental practice will make you more cost effective, more productive and - the ultimate goal - more profitable.  

Teamwork in healthcare is much more than working together towards common goals—it is based on mutual respect and setting the focus on what is best for the patient and dental practice.  In the end, improving teamwork in the dental office will boost efficiency, productivity and profitability and decrease stress.  

Here’s how you can improve teamwork in healthcare for a greater sense of unity and to make your team work better and more efficiently.  

Share a common goal.  

Establish goals and remind dental team members that you all need to work together to accomplish that common goal or goals.  In a successful dental practice every single person, from the front office receptionist to the dentist, can easily and quickly say what their practice’s current goals are and what their position entails to help reach that goal.  

Clearly outline roles.

 Give teamwork in healthcare a super boost by outlining clear goals for each member.  This will help lower stress and possible breaks in teamwork from unrealistic expectations.  

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Respect is one of the best ways to reach ultimate teamwork in healthcare success in your dental office.  At its core, respect is a form of trust.  If you are unable to trust and respect someone on your team, you will feel like you cannot count on them.  It’s imperative to trust and rely on other members of the team know what their job is, perform it well and do what they say they’ll do.  If there is someone on your team that is afraid to ask for help, this could be a serious indication that your dental team is lacking in trust and respect.  

Effective teamwork in healthcare is critical to the overall health of any dental practice.  Working together as a team will create a fun, professional environment which will result in exceptional patient care and happy, satisfied team members.  

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