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November 2, 2017

Increasing Staff Confidence to Set Same-Day Appointments

At your dental practice, setting same-day appointments is imperative for profitability and success. But, as a dentist, making extra time to explain treatments to patients while having them accept these same-day appointments jam-packs your schedule. By supplying your hygienists with the necessary confidence to start the case acceptance process, you’ll be setting your whole practice up for greater success.

dental hygienistWhy Hygienists?

Typically, hygienists are the ones spending the most one-on-one time with your patients while they’re in the chair, creating a deeper relationship with them than most dentists do. During this time together, patients grow to trust their hygienist and what they have to say.

While hygienists aren’t the ones to officially diagnose a problem, they’re able to provide information on what they believe will be the recommended treatment plan. It’s at this point – if the hygienist is properly trained and equipped with the right technology –  they’re able to initiate conversations about same-day treatment for that patient. This way, when the dentist enters the operatory, all the information that that the hygienist has provided can all be confirmed quickly and efficiently.

Education and Training

Given that the majority of patients actually wish to be seen the same day for treatment, scheduling same-day treatment should not seem like a sales pitch, although many hygienists find it intimidating or difficult to start the process. By giving your hygienists the proper knowledge on recommended procedures, they’ll have a greater understanding of what patients need. With this increased knowledge, hygienists will have the confidence that they’re providing the best information about the treatment plan that will be recommended to the patient, increasing the likelihood the’ll accept same-day treatment.

Along with a greater understanding of the procedures, training your staff on how to talk to patients about receiving same-day treatment will give hygienists the confidence needed to walk into appointments prepared. Although this may seem intimidating at first, teaching effective communication about same-day treatment will make the hygienist feel more comfortable filling schedules.

This education and training will have your hygienists acting as dental ambassadors in your practice. Starting case acceptance will feel as natural as providing great cleanings, information, and care to your patients. These same-day appointments will result in more revenue for your practice.

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