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November 20, 2017

Leveraging Internal Communication to Increase Case Acceptance

Convincing a patient that they may need additional treatment can end up being a challenge for many dentists. The patient has already taken time out of their day for the scheduled appointment and is most likely in the mindset that they will not be back for another six months or so.

After speaking with a hygienist and doctor about a proposed treatment plan, the patient then has concerns about insurance coverage a finding time to schedule another appointment. This can potentially add extra time and stress to your patient's initial appointment, which may decrease the odds of case acceptance.


By leveraging communication within your practice, you can put your patient at ease. The combination of technology and tactics that keep all members of your staff informed with role specific information in real-time will enhance the patient experience and case acceptance.

Let's follow the communication workflow...

During an appointment, a skilled hygienist will be able to accurately determine further treatment that a patient may need before the doctor even enters the room. Although the hygienist cannot diagnose the patient, they can leverage an intra-office communication system to inform the doctor about what they’ve seen and heard from the patient.

Being able to immediately send this information to the dentist before they walk into the room to greet the patient not only gives them an idea of what to expect, but also maximizes their time with the patient. By having a doctor and hygienist on the same page, patients will be more apt to accept additional treatment.

Streamlined internal communication extends further than the hygienist and dentist.

Once the hygienist knows that further treatment will be necessary, they can send a message to the front desk staff to initiate scheduling (which can potentially be the same day) as well as checking the patient’s insurance coverage. This can all take place while the dentist is interacting with the patient.

Although your digital internal communication may go unnoticed by patients, they will notice how quickly and efficiently they’re taken care of from the moment they walk into your practice and throughout the treatment process.

This instills trust and helps convey expertise and care during their visit, which helps increase same-day treatments. The ability to collect and share information on a central hub ensures your staff members are always one step ahead.

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