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September 27, 2016

Minnesota Dental Association Endorses OperaDDS

{Wayzata, MN, September 13, 2016} – OperaDDS is now officially endorsed by the Minnesota Dental Association. Specifically, the MDA has recognized the software’s HIPAA-compliant email and messaging and patient recall system as being the high-quality, reliable service to support the mission of the MDA.

To see OperaDDS be among the endorsed products and services included in their trusted vendors is something I’m very proud of” says OperaDDS Founder, Bryan Laskin, DDS. “As a member of the Minnesota Dental Association myself, I rely on their recommendations knowing they endorse only top-level, quality companies.

OperaDDS was developed by Dr. Laskin for his Wayzata, MN office after he was unable to find a complete communication system that was easy to use and affordable. The company was thrilled to be able to offer dental offices a way to stay secure and protect their practice by essentially removing cost barriers.

OperaDDS, a subsidiary of Prehensile Software, has advocated for simple and secure communication with patients, staff and referrals since 2012. With what began as an intraoffice communication system, OperaDDS launched additional applications to keep up with ever-changing HIPAA Compliance demands. In addition to the interoffice system, OperaDDS also allows for HIPAA-compliant emails, patient recall, two-way texting, HIPAA-compliant file sharing and case collaboration. OperaDDS allows offices to adhere to HIPAA guidelines while providing improved communication between their practice and patients and their practice and referrals. Dental practitioners agree, better communication equates to better case acceptance and clinical outcomes for their patients.

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