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October 14, 2016

OperaDDS Explained

operadds_explained_595.jpgCreated by a dentist for dentists, OperaDDS is a system for seamless communication in and out of the office. With OperaDDS you can communicate simply and securely with staff, patients and colleagues. This means less stress, higher quality and more production. Discover how OperaDDS can keep your practice profitable and communication harmonious.

OperaDDS Explained

No one ever said running your own dental practice was easy.  The challenges of staying HIPAA compliant, collaborating with partners on patient cases and staying in touch with patients can be tricky.  But with the new OperaDDS Suite, you can get back to doing what you do best: taking care of people.  Created by a dentist for dentists, OperaDDS is a new system for creating seamless communication in and out of your office, keeping your practice profitable and communication harmonious. 

RECARE allows you to communicate with your patients via text, email or postcards. Patient info and files can be sent directly them through OperaDDS’ HIPAA compliant secure email system that works with the email address you already have. 

PAGER is a full intra-office communication system that runs on the computer and mobile devices you already use making it simple to send secure messages to individuals, groups or division in or out of your office.  Custom checklist messaging ensures a strong handoff keeping patients happy and informed while increasing case acceptance.  

CHORUS is an online cloud-based portal which creates and tracks cases sent to labs and specialists, allowing HIPAA-compliant storage and collaboration with all of your partners and labs in real time.  

Find out what it’s like to orchestrate the rhythm of your practice with OperaDDS.

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With OperaDDS, no more papercuts, no more kinked necks while waiting on hold, no more tripping over stacks of referral pads and stickie notes, no more losing your voice yelling down the hall. What's not to love? Be sure to follow us on Facebook!