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August 5, 2016

OperaDDS Has a Makeover!



Stop the presses—we’ve got a new website!  Well, a freshly made over website!  We’ll take a moment to pause for you to ooh and ah. 

Why, YES!  We HAVE done something with our website—thanks for noticing.  And not just a little something something, but a complete makeover!  We couldn't be happier to unveil the all-new site design we've been toiling over for the last few months.  Our design and tech teams have been working around the clock to revamp our site and now we’re ready to share with you our X-long labor of love with you:  Welcome to the completely new OperaDDS!  From top to bottom it’s a more beautiful site to behold.  OperaDDS’ new website is sleeker, faster and more intuitive.  To sum it up in a word—enhanced. 

We’re big believers that great style doesn’t simply stand still.  Instead, it grows with you and should reflect who you are and where you’re going. 

How could anyone overlook a makeover of such magnitude? 

OperaDDS is rocking a whole new look.  We’ve redesigned our web experience with you in mind.  Our shiny new application will help you navigate easier, improve productivity and—we believe—continue to increase your love for OperaDDS! 

We’ve reworked what’s under the hood to bring you a way-improved user experience that’s clean, uncluttered and gets you want you crave and need in a flash. 

Here are some of our favorite game-changing features:

  • The look. OperaDDS is really getting a makeover. Both our website and our application dashboard will be getting a facelift to make your experience top-notch.
  • The features. SEND will be relocating. You will now find SEND renamed SECURE EMAIL within both RECARE and CHORUS. You’ll still be able to communicate with patients inside RECARE and contact colleagues inside CHORUS
  • The pricing.OperaDDS has been free for quite some time and it still will be free to communicate without attachments. But don’t fret! We’re keeping the upgraded options super
  • The plan.  As a current user, you will receive the new LITE plan for just $5/month(discounted from $9/month) for the first year. This includes our secure ‘send with attachments’ feature. You will also get the ability to retract emails, view who opened them, as well as many new features!!
  • The support. Free accounts have access to setup support via email and FAQ page. Our LITE plans have ongoing access to email support and our upgraded accounts have access to email and phone support.

We get it.  Most people aren’t big fans of change. For that reason, we want to make sure you’re extremely comfortable with the updates we’re rolling out. If you have any questions at all, schedule a demo with Martin today. 

In the meantime, dig in, click around and experience the amazingness of our new website.  It’s our shiny new gift to you—enjoy it! 

Not using OperaDDS as much as you’d like? Request your demo with Martin here! 

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