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October 27, 2016

OperaDDS Makes Dental Hygiene a Whole Lot Easier

dental hygieneOctober is National Dental Hygiene Month.  The goal of NDHM is to increase public awareness about the importance of maintaining excellent oral health.  You want your patients to receive the most excellent care possible in the hygiene department.  OperaDDS can help you achieve this goal.  As a dental hygienist, incorporating OperaDDS as one of your go-to tools will help to do just that. 

OperaDDS is a revolutionary concept in dental practice communication—there has never been anything like it before.  OperaDDS transforms the technology we’re all integrating into our lives and practices – even your tablets – into dentistry’s one and only complete communication dashboard. OperaDDS allows users to communicate instantly and securely with anyone, anywhere, at any time, from any and all of the devices you already use.

With OperaDDS, the world of hygiene is a breeze.  Here’s how OperaDDS will help make your job as a dental hygienist a whole lot easier:

Checklist Messaging

Checklist Messaging allows you to discreetly provide information to the doctor that you wouldn't say in front of the patient.  This also gives the doctor information before coming in which helps to speed up the exam allowing more time for you, the dental hygienist.  The information gets sent to all of the doctor’s devices—including their phone—to let them know the patient’s name, chief complaint, periodontal and restorative status, and any radiographs taken.  All before they even step foot in the room. 



Pager overall allows the office to know how your appointment is going so people can step in and help if you’re running behind or need assistance with anything.  It is the most sophisticated and intuitive intra-office messaging system.  PAGER covers all staff communications – in or out of the office – from single touch paging to messaging individuals or teams to our customizable. Single Touch Page helps you to stay engaged with the patient instead of leaving the room. 

OperaDDS is going to continue to expand our options of effective communication while keeping everything integrated in one convenient, intuitive, and secure location. We will also continue to turn obstacles into opportunities by tackling new industry-changing regulations before they rear their ugly heads, protecting the majority of dental professionals from noncompliance.  Problem solved.

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month and Happy Halloween everyone! For more information on National Dental Hygiene Month go to: http://www.adha.org/national-dental-hygiene-month



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