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June 17, 2016

OperaDDS: Sign Me Up Scotty

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A Revolutionary New Concept in Dental Practice Communication

OperaDDS is a revolutionary new concept in dental practice communication and a leap forward in productivity for all dental professionals.

OperaDDS is a COMPLETE INFORMATION DASHBOARD that unifies dental practice communications so that any team member can instantly be paged, receive e-mail, send orders to labs, or collaborate with other specialists from anywhere there is Internet access.

Seriously secure, OperaDDS solves the HIPAA-compliant e-mail problem for dental practices, dental labs and other dental professionals, but that is only part of the rich functionality of OperaDDS.

With OperaDDS, tasks that used to take hours – such as faxing, copying, phone tag, lost files, and filling out slips of paper– are reduced to a joyously simple, easy-to-use, click here, touch there operation. All practice communications are organized forever, easy to find, and right at your finger-tips.

OperaDDS works with all existing hardware and software, with all current and future computers, tablets and smart phones, with any email address, with and for every dental professional out there.

Best of all, OperaDDS is Free. That’s right. Free. Up to 4 users is absolutely free. And if you have more users, we have a Basic plan for 10 users ($29/month) and our Pro plan for 50 users ($79/month). It’s all explained on the OperaDDS web site, and you can sign-up and be set-up and trained in less than 1-hour.