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March 16, 2017

OperaDDS: Your Solution to Dentistry Security Compliance

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operadds-596.jpgThe dental industry is in desperate need of a secure, easy to use and cost effective way to communicate electronically.  There have been different companies that have tried offering this kind of service, but so far, none have been successful.  Until the creation of OperaDDS.

OperaDDS is incredibly secure.  So secure, in fact, that we’ve added an ‘email retraction’ as an extra means of security.  Retract an email in case of a mistake and we can pull the email back so the patient doesn’t see it.  OperaDDS’ suite of features allow you to communicate within the office, externally with patients and specialists using HIPAA compliant email and with labs using a secure web server.  

OperaDDS: Your Solution to Dentistry Security Compliance

With OperaDDS, users can feel absolutely safe knowing their level of security is superb.  Here’s how.  

  • All data is stored in IBM’s HIPAA compliant cloud servers with constant threat monitoring
  • The data stored in the cloud is much less vulnerable than data on local servers
  • Your login credentials are secure from both the sender and receiver’s end, while many other systems allow users to gain access by creating a password directly from the email that contains the information.  This is questionable if it is HIPAA compliant, and it is certainly not secure on the receiver’s end.  
  • All users have a unique username and password
  • OperaDDS allows for both traditional and secure email, as well as traditional and secure texting.  This allows team members and patients to communicate about recall conveniently while trading information securely.  
  • You have the option to send and receive HIPAA secure emails, even to non-secure addresses like that personal Gmail address from college you still use from time-to-time. . Even to your colleague’s old-school Yahoo address. With attachments. With storage. The works.
  • OperaDDS thinks being able to send and receive HIPAA compliant emails should be a basic right in this high-tech, paperless profession.  We think being able to have access to your secure correspondence from anywhere you have access to the internet is a no-brainer.  So we built it, ensuring that you will always be able to communicate instantly and securely.  



OperaDDS was born to solve the intra-office communication problems you didn’t even know you had. Our products are about to change just how much fun you have practicing dentistry—not to mention your efficiency and profitability.  Here’s another feature that provides a solution for some serious security: RECARE.  


You love technology as much as we do and we found out the hard way that it turns out you are not safe. When your inbox is populated by ads for boots - after a quick search for the perfect pair during that last break between patients - someone or something has been cataloging what you’re up to. Scary thought, isn’t it, when you use that same email service to send a few patient x-rays here and there to your colleagues every single day? We think your patients deserve proper protection, and we think your practice doesn’t have time to deal with the HIPAA police. We don’t think it should be complicated or costly. So we decided to solve that problem you probably don’t realize you have.

RECARE is an easy-to-use secure email correspondence between healthcare providers and patients.  Medical history, x-rays, scans and any other personal information compliantly stored, accessible conveniently and intuitively.  

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