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August 8, 2016

Text Messaging to Fill Your Dental Schedule


If you run a dental office you understand just how much missed appointments can hurt  your bottom line.  Looking for an easy—and effective—way to increase dental patient retention and create new appointments to grow your practice…seamlessly?  

Text messaging in your dental office may be the answer you have been searching for.  OperaDDS’ two-way texting allows you to fill your schedule and communicate with patients all in one easy-to-use system.  

2-way text messaging to communicate with patients?  Try RECARE in OperaDDS.  Request a demo with Martin here!

Calling every single patient and sending out postcards is becoming an archaic thing of the past.  Postcard reminders can be too slow and most likely will be thrown out as junk mail.  Phone calls typically are intrusive, untimely and unfamiliar numbers are rarely unanswered.  There’s a better way.  Don’t use more of your time and money on ineffective reminders or waste precious time contacting patients when you’re just going to be ignored.  How? Simple:  text messaging.

There is a reason why email and instant messaging has taken over the communication world.  And that includes your patients.  These tools will help you to keep in touch with them while shortening your recall and retaining your patient base.  And you know what?  Your patients like texting with you AND it fills your schedule. 

This is where we step in.  Enter RECARE from OperaDDS.  RECARE, the simple, totally seamless problem solver is the most sophisticated and simple office communication system you've ever seen.  

This is how RECARE's two-way texting can benefit your dental practice and make it super simple for your patients: 

  • Text messages are unobtrusive and friendly
  • Typically read instantly and not ignored
  • Text messages can combat no-shows

Ready to reap the benefits of text messaging in your dental office?  OperaDDS is standing by to assist in your seamless transition to the digital age. 

Ready to start improving patient experience? Reduce stress & increase productivity & profitablity and request a demo with Martin here! 

Learn more about how OperaDDS can help your dental clinic become more efficient and productive, and most importantly how your patients can be happier.