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December 15, 2016

The Morning Huddle-Your Secret Weapon for Success!


morning huddle.jpgA day in the dental practice can be a hectic one and can easily get out of control. The atmosphere can be disorganized and chaotic where everyone feels on edge and like they may lose their cool at any given second.  This stress and chaos can kill any chances of dental office success and bring productivity to a screeching halt.  

But we’re here to tell you we have your secret weapon for success.  The key to a profitable and productive practice is all in the morning huddle.  Just as those sideline huddles in football are important to the success of the team, having that daily morning huddle communication will help keep your days running smoothly and make sure everyone is maximizing potential production.  

It can be easy to let your morning huddle get derailed.  They can turn into a time for the dental team to complain and gossip instead of starting the day off in the right direction.  

To ensure your morning huddle is exceptionally efficient and effective, try these 3 tips to guide you.  

Have a crystal-clear agenda in place

Creating a thorough agenda will keep everyone on track and creates order for preparing for the day ahead. It will help you avoid the trap of falling into side conversations, wasted time or just reading the daily schedule. Your agenda should identify what is most important to cover and who will give that information. Your morning huddle should serve two purposes:  

  1. Provide a quick snapshot on how the practice performed yesterday—what today is looking like and how the rest of the month is forecasting
  2. Provide valuable information about dental patients coming in for the day

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The key players in  your morning huddle

Everyone on the dental team should be involved in the morning huddle.  Each team member has a specific role and responsibility and is part of the successful journey in the dental practice.  A dental hygienist will need to see information about unscheduled treatment plans or overdue continuing care, for example.  The financial coordinator or office manager might want to see insurance ineligibilities or overdue balances.  Having everyone come together for a morning huddle will make everyone more equipped with valuable information.

Always start on time

This is simple but one of the most important components of a successful morning huddle.  The morning huddle should start at least 20 minutes before you start seeing patients. In addition, try allotting a specific amount of time for each item on the agenda and task someone with keeping the team on track.

Make Your Morning Huddle Ultra Effective with OperaDDS

OperaDDS understands how critical effective communication is to a well-run and successful dental practice.  We can make your morning huddles even more effective by helping you build some powerful ways to continue to improve communication.  

The morning huddle is the key to great performance and success.  It sets your dental team on the right path, identifies potential hiccups, assists in overcoming obstacles and determines necessary steps of action.  Huddle up and have a great day!

Effective communication is a critical component to running a successful dental practice. Is your practice's communication slowing you down? Download our Checklist to learn how to build powerful communication.