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February 15, 2017

Tips to Ensure Your Dental Team Rocks!


Depending on where they live, your potential patients may be driving by up to 10 different dental offices on their drive to work each day.  It’s imperative to find a way to stand out.  Every person out there has the choice to choose their own dentist—why would they choose yours?  If your dental team is exceptional, you will be sure to stand out and keep patients coming back time and time again.  Here are some tips to ensuring your dental team rocks.  

Tips to Making Your Dental Team Stand Out

Be Unique

Sure, all successful dental offices will need to follow a common set of practices. But you don’t want to be just like everyone else—it removes your edge. Find little ways to make your practice and the patient experience unique, fun and different.

Show Some Personality

Design your dental practice with colors and an ambiance that give off a comfortable and welcoming vibe as well as demonstrates the personality of your office and your team. It’s also important to teach and encourage your dental team to be warm, friendly and always accommodating to every person who steps through your door.  Almost every dental patient will be feeling a bit nervous about their visit.  Take appropriate measures to ensure that they are at ease and free of anxiety when they come in by establishing authentic and real communication.  

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Upgrade Your Skills & Utilize OperaDDS

When you are able to communicate simply and securely with your team, patients and colleagues, that means less stress, higher quality dentistry and more production.   OperaDDS is easy to use on all devices, computers, tablets, smartphones or smartwatches.  With OperaDDS, you have complete information in full compliance, wherever you are, instantly.  When you and your dental team use OperaDDS it will make things seamless and super simple, streamlining and enhancing the patient experience, while simultaneously helping you to stand out from the competition.  

Never Stop Educating

Never, ever stop educating your staff. You want everyone to be on top of their dental game to set yourself apart from other dental practices. It’s important that your dental team actively listens and cares for the patient’s needs.  Here are some other things you can teach and encourage your team to do well:

There may be dental practices out there who are currently just as good or maybe better than you.  Take these tips and use them as a challenge to revolutionize your dental office.  Start thinking of ways that you and your dental team can create an exceptional experience every single time your patients come into your office.  

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