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July 26, 2016

Tips to Improve Dental Patient Flow Management


Stop and ask yourself what are some of the greatest challenges your dental practice is facing today?  Chances are that effectively gaining control over your dental patient flow management is at the top of that list. How well everything else in your office is running matters very little if you have insufficient patient flow management.  But, with all of the many demands of dental patient care, it can be difficult to find the time to manage the practice, lead the team and make any necessary changes that could improve the patient flow process.  

Every dental practice has the potential to reach the next level.  The following strategies are designed to quickly improve patient flow management.

Hold regular morning huddles

Holding organized and consistent dental team meetings are critical to improving patient flow and for a productive office.  A well-run “huddle” will help your practice to stay focused and run on time.  An effective morning huddle will prepare your staff for the day and ensure the best quality care for patients.   Patient flow can be disrupted when different departments do not talk about any hold ups or if any barriers need to be broken down.  It will help everyone on the team to get on the same page.  

Clear communication increases profitability for your dental practice.  Discover how OperaDDS can help you communicate simply and securely with your staff, patients and colleagues for the ultimate patient experience.

Set measurable goals

Aiming to perfect your patient flow is a process.  Try testing one small change at a time and always record if this change helps your dental practice to move closer toward its goal.  By keeping measurable goals, you will be well on your way to better patient flow and more satisfied dental patients and staff.  

Create clear job descriptions

Reduce confusion and boost efficiency and effective patient flow by creating and defining clear job descriptions.  This will ensure the completion of all tasks and help each team member determine the individual tasks they must complete.  

Improve inventory management

Nothing will stop patient flow in its tracks quite like running out of essential materials you need in your dental office.  Review and streamline your inventory control policies and delegate responsibilities to appropriate team members.  

Optimizing patient flow is a journey of ongoing improvement.  By improving your dental patient flow management, you can save money on staffing, decrease long wait times and boost patient and team satisfaction.  

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