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October 2, 2017

What is a Dental Communication Platform?

Dental TeamDentists are going digital. And for good reason. New software and applications are making communication with patients, staff, and colleagues easier than ever.

There are recall systems to reach patients, systems to improve intra-office communication, HIPAA-compliant ways to send emails to labs and specialists, as well as secure digital forms that can be signed online.

The options can make your head spin. That's where a communication platform comes in.

What is a Dental Communication Platform?

A dental communication platform is a holistic system that facilitates both internal and external communication in a secure manner for your practice.

Rather than combining different systems for specific tasks, you are able to send and receive secure communications within one centralized dashboard.

One login. One system to learn. One bill. One experience for all of your team members.

The result is a more efficient, more productive dental practice. At the same time, patient experience is improved, which keeps schedules full and increases case acceptance.

What to look for in a Dental Communication Platform

The best communication platforms are tailored exclusively for dentistry. Look for a communication platform that allows you to:

  • send and receive HIPAA-compliant emails with attachments of any size using your existing email addresses
  • store and share any file, any size in full HIPAA compliance
  • communicate instantly with your team using one dashboard on any device
  • collaborate with labs, partners, and specialists through an easy to use, secure portal
  • send appointment reminders, confirmations, and direct messages to patients
  • convert new patients and communicate through secure text and website chat
  • provide any digital form for anyone to complete and sign on any device
  • access 24/7 support and training resources for your staff

Cloud-based Dental Communication Platforms

The internet has changed the game for every business. Cloud-based dental communication platforms harness the speed, efficiency, and security of the latest technology without the need for additional dedicated systems in-house.

Modern dental practices are able to get up and running on a communication platform without a disruption to service using existing computers and mobile devices such as smartwatches, tablets, and smartphones simply by accessing the internet.

Any updates to the system are controlled behind the scenes, which means you can focus on your practice and patients.

Wondering if OperaDDS is the right dental communication platform for your practice? Request a demo to find out today!