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March 23, 2017

WOW Your Dental Patients By Improving Patient Experience

improving patient experience.jpgBeing an outstanding dental practice means truly making an impact on your patients and always improving patient experience from start to finish.  People always expect good service and quality dental treatment when they take time out of their day to go to the dentist. But satisfied patients are just that—satisfied.  They don’t leave with that WOW factor.  Once they walk out your door, your dental practice is immediately forgotten, a check mark scratched off the to-do list.  They don’t rave about your practice, refer others or take time to write an online review.  

The goal should always be for your dental patients to walk out of your doors saying “WOW!” and ready to sing your praises to friends and family.   It’s important to always be seeking ways to elevate patient expectations and work on constantly enhancing the patient experience.  

If you’re working on improving patient experience to get rave reviews and lots of personal referrals, you need to create an experience worth talking about and remembering.  

Do these 3 things today to WOW your dental patients by improving patient experience.

Embrace new technology

Don’t shy away from utilizing new technology in your practice.  Innovative use of new technologies may help reduce production costs, decrease chair time and make your patients feel like they’re involved with a practice that is top-notch and current. Put your patients first by using technology like OperaDDS to enable crystal clear communication with patients, staff and colleagues.  

WOW them at hello.

Your first appointment with a patient truly sets the tone for the future relationship — and helps convert a one-time visitor into a lifetime customer. In fact, the very first minute of any patient encounter is critical to improving patient experience.  It all starts with the greeting.  The greeting will set the tone for their entire time spent at your office.  

Ensure your front office team knows to maintain good eye contact, introduce themselves, extend a handshake, use the patient’s name whenever possible and speak on the same level as the patient.  When you remember someone’s name, it shows that you’ve made an effort and care about them.  They will appreciate that they aren’t just another face sitting in your dental chair.  It makes things personable. Be sure that the team members sitting at the front desk give a killer first impression of your entire dental office.  Your patients should instantaneously feel welcomed and comfortable the moment they step in the door.  



Wow them with the right dental practice atmosphere

Try looking at your dental practice through the eyes of your patients.  You can achieve that WOW factor by making your environment attractive to patients.  Is the reception area in good shape?  Is all of your furniture comfortable and clean? Are your magazines current?  How does your practice look from the outside?  Consider the entire vibe and look of your practice to be sure you’re improving patient experience aesthetically.  Learn how you can zap dental anxiety with the right practice atmosphere the moment they sit down in the chair.  

Use these tips to help transform and work on improving patient experience for some seriously exceptional patient care in your practice.  

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